Farrey (2023) Hindi Movie MP4, HDRIP

Farrey is a new Bollywood movie, and it's the first time Alizeh Agnihotri is in the main role of Niyati. The director, Soumendra Padhi, is known for his work on the popular series Jamtara. The story is about Niyati, a smart orphan who gets into a fancy school but then gets caught up in a cheating scandal with her rich friends.

Salman Khan, who also plays a big part in promoting the movie, produced Farrey. People are saying good things about Alizeh Agnihotri's first performance in the movie.

Main StarsAlizeh Agnihotri, Sahil Mehta and Juhi Babbar
DirectorSoumendra Padhi
ProducerAtul Agnihotri
IMDb Ratings10 / 10
Quality option720p, 1080p, HD+


The film is trying to bring in a new group of actors, and experts who study movies are hopeful that Alizeh could become a big talent in the movie world. We don't know the exact budget, but the movie is getting attention not just for its interesting story but also for introducing new talent to Bollywood.

People who watched the movie liked it, and even critics gave it good reviews. On social media, many users shared their excitement about Alizeh Agnihotri's acting as Niyati. Farrey is special not just because it has a great story but also because it's a place where new talents like Alizeh are getting a chance, making it an important addition to Bollywood movies.

Star Cast of Farrey

  • Alizeh Agnihotri: Niyati
  • Sahil Mehta: Aakash
  • Juhi Babbar: Renuka Singh
  • Ronit Roy: Shailesh Singh
  • Prasanna Bisht: Chhavi
  • Zeyn Shaw: Prateek
  • Saxon Cook: Student
  • Lavishka Gupta: Aakash's Sister

Farrey Box Office Collection

As Farrey hits theatres, experts who study how movies do at the box office are closely watching to see how well it does, especially because it's bringing new talent to Bollywood. Salman Khan, who helped make the movie, has actively been promoting it, creating a lot of excitement.

Experts like Akkshaye Rathie say that Farrey has a special role, it's not just about making money at the box office. It is expected to earn at least 5 crores on day 1 at the box office by trade experts.

Budget and Box Office Trade Earning Reports

As Farrey enters the world of movies, the first reports about how well it's doing at the box office look good. They spent about 50 crores to make the movie, and experts who study how movies do are watching closely. On the first day, it was in theaters, Farrey did well, making around 5 crores at the box office.

Where to Watch Farrey Online?

Farrey is creating excitement in theatres, giving people a great experience on the big screen. As it keeps playing in theatres, people who can't make it to the cinema are getting excited to watch it online. Usually, Bollywood movies come to streaming services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime more than 1 month after they're in theatres.