Tiger 3 Breaks Records at Box Office: Watch Now

Tiger 3 is finally released in the theatres and its box office collection reports and trade reports are giving a positive signal. There has been a position impact at the box office on the first day. It's breaking records and getting ready for a huge opening. The movie is set to release on Diwali, and it's already getting a lot of attention. Many tickets have been sold in advance in different formats and languages.

Even before the official release, Tiger 3 did something impressive. It sold 5.86 lakh tickets, earning a whopping ₹15.58 crores. This success before the release shows how popular Salman Khan is and how excited people are about the third Tiger movie.

Sacnilk, an industry tracker, reported that Tiger 3 is gearing up for a massive ₹35 crore opening, adding to the excitement and buzz around its release. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the movie is the fifth part in the YRF Spy Universe, following the successes of 'Ek The Tiger,' 'Tiger Zinda Hai,' 'War,' and 'Pathaan.' Being a sequel to the 2017 film Tiger Zinda Hai, the movie has created a lot of interest with its action-packed trailer.

Tiger 3 Box Office Collection

The booking for Tiger 3, which started on November 5, has played a significant role in its success. According to Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Executive Director of PVR INOX Ltd, the film is expected to earn nearly ₹40 crore on its first day, coinciding with the Diwali festival. 

The film has seen substantial advance sales, with over 1.80 lakh tickets sold for the first weekend and more than one lakh tickets for day one across 1000 screens of PVR INOX nationwide.

Box office collection

Trade analyst Atul Mohan is hopeful about Tiger 3's performance, mentioning that even with the Diwali celebrations, the film could have an opening between ₹35 to ₹40 crore. He highlights the potential for the movie to do well beyond the first day, especially with positive word-of-mouth and the ongoing holiday season.

Tiger 3 Earning and Trade Analysis

Despite facing competition from other Diwali releases like Japan, Jigarthanda Double X, Raid, Bandra, and Sapta Saagaradaache Ello Side B, Tiger 3 is expected to attract audiences beyond the traditional Hindi markets. Trade analyst Ramesh Bala suggests that the movie's buzz might lead to strong performances in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Experts like Akshaye Rathi and Taran Adarsh have shared their insights on Tiger 3's potential at the box office. Despite the influence of Diwali celebrations, Rathi predicts a substantial opening of ₹30-35 crore on the first day, with even higher collections on the following day. Adarsh, while acknowledging strong advance sales, advises against directly comparing Tiger 3 with Shah Rukh Khan's releases due to the unique timing of its Diwali launch.

As Tiger 3 becomes part of the successful YRF Spy Universe, it aims not only for success in India but also on a global scale. With an estimated total cost of ₹300 crores, this high-budget production is poised for success if it can maintain a strong presence in theatres for an extended period.

Tiger 3's record-breaking advance ticket sales, combined with the excitement around its release and the festive season, suggest a promising start at the box office. With its Diwali release, initial box office collections, and trade analyses, all indications point towards Tiger 3 becoming a significant success, adding another victory to Salman Khan and the YRF Spy Universe.

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