Tejas (2023) Bollywood Hindi Movie

Tejas is a new Bollywood movie that came out in 2023. It is in Hindi and is all about action and excitement. Sarvesh Mewara directed it, and Ronnie Screwvala produced it. The main actor is Kangana Ranaut, and she is an Air Force officer named Tejas Gill. Anshul Chauhan and Varun Mitra are in the movie too, playing important roles. It is about 112 minutes long and was made with a budget of ₹60 crore.

Tejas (2023) Bollywood Hindi Movie

In the movie, Kangana Ranaut is Tejas Gill, who is in the Indian Air Force. She goes on a mission to save an Indian spy and has to deal with her past while keeping the country's secrets safe. Tejas shows how she is always ready to protect the nation in dangerous situations.

Genre Thriller, Drama
Main Stars Kangana Ranaut, Veenah Naair, and Anshul Chauhan
Director Sarvesh Mewara
Producer Ishita Gala
IMDb Ratings 7.3 out of 10
Language Hindi
Quality option 720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Available in HDRIP, WEB-DL


Tejas is a movie that tries to be exciting with action but gets a bit confusing when it talks about complicated politics between countries. Kangana Ranaut plays Tejas Gill, a female Air Force pilot who has to show that she is just as good as anyone in a man 's world. She does a good job in the role, and she 's joined by Anshul Chauhan, who brings some cleverness and drama to the story.


But the movie focuses so much on Kangana Ranaut's character that the other people in the movie don't get to shine. Tejas is always the one in charge, and the story goes into a mission in Pakistan, which is a bit hard to believe. Even though the movie wants to show how capable women can be in the military, it doesn't do a great job of getting that message across. Kangana Ranaut is great, even in the weaker parts of the story, but her character doesn't feel very deep. Tejas tries to do a lot, but it falls short because the writing isn't strong, and some of the acting isn't great, so it doesn't live up to its potential.

Star Cast of Tejas

  • Kangana Ranaut as IAF officer Tejas Gill
  • Anshul Chauhan as Arfa
  • Varun Mitra as Ekveer
  • Sunit Tandon as Academy Teacher
  • Ashish Vidyarthi as IAF chief R K Panicker
  • Vishak Nair as Prashant
  • Kashyap Shangari as Vivek
  • Rio Kapadia as RAW Chief
  • Mohan Agashe as Prime Minister
  • Mushtaq Kak as Khatooni

Box Office Earnings and Collection

Tejas had a bit of a slow start at the box office. On its first day, it only made around ₹1.25 crore, and not many people went to see it, with only 6.83 per cent of the seats in the theatres filled. This lukewarm beginning made people who follow the movie industry wonder how well the film would do in the future.

At first, people thought Tejas would do well because of the excitement about Kangana Ranaut playing an Air Force pilot and the interesting story. But with the weak start on the first day, there were worries about whether it could make enough money to cover its budget and be a big success in the Indian film market. People kept a close eye on how much money it would make, and its success depended on whether it could connect with the audience in the days after it came out.


Tejas is a movie about an Indian Air Force pilot named Tejas Gill, and Kangana Ranaut plays her character. The story is all about Tejas as she goes on dangerous missions to save people who are held by terrorists. She works with her co-pilot, Arfa, played by Anshul Chauhan. One of their tough missions is to rescue an Air Force officer whose plane crashed on an island where a tribe called the Sentinelese lives, and nobody is allowed to go there.

The movie shows Tejas as a fearless pilot who loves taking on tough assignments and is always ready to protect her country. It also tells us about her personal life and the sad things that happened in her past, which make her missions even more important to her. Tejas is a story about patriotism, determination, and the sacrifices that people in the Indian Air Force make.

Where to Watch Tejas Online?

Tejas is out in theatres right now, so you can watch it on the big screen. Normally, after about 45 to 60 days, movies become available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and Sony Liv. So, it is likely that Tejas will be on these platforms soon.

But, there is no official news yet about which platform will have Tejas. So, if you want to watch it online, you'll have to wait for the filmmakers or distributors to announce where and when it will be available on your favourite streaming service.