Napoleon (2023) Hindi Dubbed Movie HDRIP

Napoleon is a big historical drama from 2023 that was made by the famous director and producer Ridley Scott. In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix plays Napoleon Bonaparte, and Vanessa Kirby plays Empress Joséphine.

It tells the interesting story of how Napoleon became powerful and his complicated relationship with Joséphine. Ridley Scott, who is really good at telling stories, is in charge of making sure the movie is exciting.

Lead Actor Joaquin Phoenix
Lead Actress Vanessa Kirby
Other Cast Tahar Rahim
Film Directed by Ridley Scott
Producer Name Ridley Scott, Kevin J. Walsh, Mark Huffam, Joaquin Phoenix
Story Written by David Scarpa
Music Given by Martin Phipps
Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski
Editor Name Claire Simpson, Sam Restivo[1]
Genre Epic Historical Drama
Release Date November 22, 2023
Original Language English
Dubbed in NA
Runtime (in minutes) 157 Minutes
OTT Partner Apple TV+
Total Budget $130-200 million
Box Office Collection $20.6 million


Napoleon is a joint effort between Apple Studios and Scott Free Productions. They spent a lot of money, between $130 to $200 million, to make sure the movie looks amazing and tells the historical story well.

Napoleon (2023) Bollywood Movie HD, Dual Audio

Joaquin Phoenix playing Napoleon and Vanessa Kirby as Joséphine, along with Ridley Scott directing, make sure that the movie is a big show that captures the important parts of one of history's most famous people.

Star Cast of Napoleon

  • Joaquin Phoenix: Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Vanessa Kirby: Joséphine de Beauharnais
  • Tahar Rahim: Paul Barras

Napoleon Box Office Collection

Napoleon, directed by Ridley Scott, got off to a great start at the box office, grabbing attention and positive reviews from both viewers and critics. The movie, which cost between $130 to $200 million to make, showed its potential by making an impressive $20.6 million on its first day, as reported when it came out.

People who study the movie business are hopeful that Napoleon will keep doing well, especially because people liked the battle scenes and the actors' performances. With famous actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby leading the way, Napoleon is expected to make a lot of money while it's in theatres.

Budget and Box Office Trade Earning Reports

In the USA, the movie earned an impressive $20.4 million on the first day, showing that a lot of people went to watch it. Experts who study the movie business think that Napoleon could make between $32 to $35 million in the USA and a strong $65 to $70 million worldwide during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Even though the reviews in France, where the story is set, were mixed, people around the world like Napoleon. The movie did well in India too, making 2.25 crores on the first day and 1.25 crores on the second day. These numbers show that people are enjoying the movie both in their own countries and in other parts of the world. Considering that it cost between $130 to $200 million to make the movie.

Where to Watch Napoleon Online?

Napoleon is currently streaming offlines in theatres. For those eager to watch it from the comfort of their homes, the film is expected to make its digital debut on popular OTT platforms after the customary theatrical run of 45 to 60 days.