The Nun II (2023) Hindi Dubbed, English Version

Checkout The Nun II 2023 Hindi Dubbed Movie here. In 2018, a scary movie The Nun introduced us to a very bad and evil ghost called Valak.

In 2018, a scary movie The Nun introduced us to a very bad and evil ghost called Valak. Now, in 2023, there's a new scary film. It's directed by Michael Chaves and made by the horror expert James Wan. This movie tells a really scary story and wants to make you feel really frightened.

It is the movie that people who love scary movies have been waiting for. It's even scarier than the first one and tells us more about Valak. The people who wrote the story did a great job, and they promise that you'll be really scared.

The actors from the first movie are back, like Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, and Bonnie Aarons as Valak. Some new actors like Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell are joining too. 

TitleThe Nun II
ActorsTaissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid, Anna Popplewell, Bonnie Aarons
DirectorMichael Chaves
ProducerPeter Safran, James Wan
Release DateSeptember 8, 2023
Runtime110 minutes
Music byMarco Beltrami
Story byAkela Cooper
Box Office Collection$90.4 million
Budget$38.5 million
Earning$90.4 million
Box Office TradeSuccessful (considering earnings exceeding budget)

James Wan and Peter Safran, who are experts in making scary movies, are in charge of this one too. They want to keep the scary tradition alive. With their help, The Nun II will be as scary as the other movies in The Conjuring series.

About The Nun II Hollywood Show

It is a scary movie directed by Michael Chaves and made by Peter Safran and James Wan. It's the second part of the spooky movie The Nun from 2018, and it's part of the The Conjuring Universe series. Some actors from the first movie are back, like Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, and Bonnie Aarons. They've also added new actors, Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell. The people who wrote the story are Akela Cooper, and the script was written by Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Akela Cooper. They promise that the movie will give you scary thrills.

They started filming in October 2022 in France, which makes the setting really spooky. The movie came out on September 8, 2023, and some critics liked it, but others didn't. However, it cost $38.5 million to make and earned $90.4 million at the box office. This shows that people are still interested in the scary story in the world of scary movies.

The Nun II Box Office Collection

It is the second part of the movie that came out in 2018, did really well when it first showed in North America. It made around $32.6 million from 3,728 theatres during its first weekend. This was enough to beat another movie called The Equalizer 3, according to the people who follow the movie industry.

The new film is also known as Nun 2, is the ninth movie in a series called The Conjuring by Warner Bros. It's directed by Michael Graves and has actors like Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid. It didn't make as much money in its first weekend as the first movie, which made $53.8 million, but it still did really well and got reviews from Filmy4wap team.

Both The Nun movies are part of a bigger set of movies called The Conjuring series. All the movies in this series have made a lot of money – a total of $2.1 billion. It made $12.1 million that weekend, and it has made $61.9 million in North America and $107.7 million worldwide.

Budget and Box Office Trade Earning Reports

Third place went to another new movie: the third My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie, which came out 21 years after the first one. The first movie made a lot of money, even though it didn't cost much to make – $369 million against a $5 million budget.

They started making The Nun II in October 2022 in France, which is a spooky place. The person in charge of the camera did a great job of making it look scary. Someone named Gregory Plotkin made sure the scary parts happened at the right time.

The music in the movie, made by Marco Beltrami, is very important to make you feel scared. It makes you feel like something really bad is going to happen.

Positive Points About The Nun 2

The film was released on 8 September 2023 by Warner Bros. Pictures. Some people liked it a lot, and some didn't. That's what happens with scary movies, some people get really scared, and others don't.

It didn't cost a lot to make The Nun II, but it made a lot of money. This shows that people like to be scared in the movies.

It is now part of The Conjuring series, which is known for being very scary. It shows that scary movies are still popular because they make us feel scared and haunted.

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