Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Date, Is It Coming or Not?

Check out Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Date and it is the most loved serial these days but now it has been off the air.

Maddam Sir is the most loved serial these days but now it has been off the air. The viewers are waiting for the comeback of season 2 and trying to find out the release date of the show. Sony Sab replaced the serial with a new show because of the low TRP.

The viewers loved the chemistry of the show with Haseena Malik, Karishma Singh, Anubhav, etc. but the story had become a bit boring, which is why the viewers stopped watching it and the makers decided to replace the show with a new one. But it will do a comeback, most of the shows are removed for some time to increase excitement among viewers and TRP as well.

Is Maddam Sir Season 2 Coming or Not?

Coming or Not

Currently, it is not confirmed if the Maddam sir is coming as the makers have not made any announcement. There is almost no chance of the comeback of part 2 because no one from the makers or the cast of the show is excited about this. Also, no cast is sharing any leaks about their future projects with this serial.

Mostly, when any serials remain off the air for a long time, they don't come again as the makers are not sure if they will perform well or not. Also, the TRP of the show was already low and this delay shows that you will not get to see this in the near time.

When will Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Announce?

The creators have not revealed if the show will come again or not. Also, there are no leaks about this from any trusted sources which indicates, that it will not come soon. Based on this information, you can expect that the show will not start again before 2025 as other shows are going well.

Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Date and Time

If other shows on Sony SAB don't perform well, then there can be a chance that they will plan to air this serial again but there is very less chance of this.

Who will be the Cast?

If the show comes back, then you will see the same actors who were present in the last episodes. The main lead actress Gulki Joshi will play the role of SHO Haseena Malik, Yukti Kapoor will play her character of Sub inspector Karishma Singh, Sonali Naik will be seen again as Pushpa Singh and Bhavika Sharma will play the role of Santosh Sharma. Also, Priyanshu Singh will be back too as Cheetah Chaturvedi.

  • Gulki Joshi will be seen as SHO Haseena Mallik
  • Yukti Kapoor as Sub-inspector Karishma Singh
  • Sonali Naik as Head Constable Pushpa Singh
  • Bhavika Sharma as Constable Santosh
  • Priyanshu Singh as Constable Cheetah Chaturvedi
  • Nisha Pareek
  • Akankshaa Rajput as Soni
  • Akanksha Saini as Sheena
  • Tarka Pednekar as Gauri Aasthana
  • Priyanshu Singh as Constable Cheetah Chaturvedi


So, currently, there is no plan for a new part of the show, which is why, there are no leaks on the comeback. If the makers decide to do the entry with this serial, then we will update all the information here, so you should bookmark this page.

Also, you can tag the officials on social media like Twitter to force them to work again for Maddam Sir show, if they get to know that the audience is demanding it heavily, then they will definitely bring it back.


Is Maddam Sir Part 2 Confirmed?

No, the maker hasn't confirmed the upcoming part of the serial.

What is the Starting Date?

Currently, it is not revealed as the makers have not planned to stream the serial again.